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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Levi Johnston: Still Political After All These...Days

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Levi Johnston is not ready to let his 15 minutes go quite yet. The famous father has filed papers to run for office next year in Wasilla. A spokesman says Johnston is interested in running for mayor or city council.
  • Experts expected reports of abuse to rise due to the economic downfall, assuming that laid-off and fired parents might be around more to take their aggression out on their kids, but thankfully, child abuse rates have fallen across the country. "This is good news, but we need to be very cautious," said lead author David Finkelhor, director of the center and professor of sociology. "It could be that discouragement and despair in families about their deteriorating economic situation take longer than a year to show their effects."
  • An Australian researcher has developed a theory to explain the more than 100 species of birds who engage in some sort of homosexual behavior. Geoff MacFarlane of the University of Newcastle argues that birds form homosexual bonds in order to help defend territories, advance their social status, or to get some help raising their young.
  • High-tech: The gym chain 24 Hour Fitness will soon start asking members to ID themselves by scanning their fingerprints.
  • In response to the new show Covert Affairs, The Daily Beast takes a look at "action heroes in heels." Unsurprisingly, there are quite a few of them, though not all the badass ladies are forced to run in stilettos.
  • An ex-Marine has been convicted of murdering his colleague, Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach. Lauterbach claimed that Cesar Laurean raped her, an allegation he continues to deny. Laurean also claims that Lauterbach killed herself during an argument, by slitting her own throat, though autopsy results prove this version of events wrong.
  • An potentially inconclusive study found that black cats really are unlucky for those of us with allergies. Recent research has linked dark colored cats to higher incidence of allergies, but some researchers beg to differ.
  • A woman named Patty Carrion has been arrested by New York police after spending the last 15 years on the lam. Carrion was one of "America's Most Wanted" criminals. She was finally found after police brought her in for a domestic assault case.
  • File under totally logical: Home-brewed tea contains far more health benefits than tea you buy in a bottle. The bottled stuff is designed mainly to look good—and to sell—which means manufacturers often remove the bitter-tasting and astringent polyphenols.
  • The chestnut tree that comforted Anne Frank during her time in the Amsterdam attic collapsed yesterday after being slammed with high winds and heavy rains. No one was injured.
  • Two Swedish teenagers have been arrested after police found the bugs they placed in their teachers' staff room in a misguided attempt to get better grades. However, the girls were only caught after one of the two delinquents decided to brag about the plan on Facebook, and school officials got wind of the scheme.
  • Did you know that kissing was part of the panda newborn-parent bonding process? And there's a video!