Let's Remember the Time Serena Williams Gave Oprah a Pedicure

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Budding sports reporter Naomi Campbell interviewed tennis legends Serena and Venus Williams on Monday’s episode of No Filter with Naomi, covering topics such as tennis, faith, fashion and that one time 10 years ago when Serena gave Oprah Winfrey a pedicure on national television.

Do you remember this? So, in 2010, while recovering from a knee injury, Serena decided to use her free time to attend beauty school, and she’s been doing her own nail art ever since. On No Filter, she showed off her current gradient acrylic set and made sure to let the narcs know that she did it herself and has not been leaving her home for the salon.

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Revisiting the Oprah pedicure footage, which aired on Oprah’s talk show in 2010, is like pulling an artifact out of a time capsule, instantly transportive to an era long gone when people sought out and revered Oprah’s advice despite its assortment of clichés and empowerment slogans. At some point, as Serena filed Oprah’s toenails, she talked about how hard it was for her to date and find love. Oprah offered up some fake enlightenment, telling Serena that men need to feel needed and that’s hard to do with powerful women. Nevertheless, she encouraged Serena to “own” her power—which was also the exact phrase on the cover of the particular issue of O Magazine that Oprah just happened to have in her lap at that exact moment. Perhaps Serena’s current husband can let everyone know if Oprah’s advice was sound or not.

The pedicure was also used as part of Serena’s pitch for a TV show on Lifetime that revolved around her working at a nail salon. The network passed on the project, which now seems like a terrible mistake. Imagine the incredible backlog Lifetime could be replaying right now had they filmed Serena giving regular people and celebrities manicures and pedicures. Let’s start a petition to revitalize this project, and demand the first guest be Cardi B.

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