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Lena Dunham Plans to Stalk Kerry Washington at the Emmys

Illustration for article titled Lena Dunham Plans to Stalk Kerry Washington at the Emmys

Turns out Dunham really is just like us. Well, if we were going to the Emmys. And had our own HBO show. And had all the money. And were different in pretty much every way.


Add Dunham to the impressive list of Scandal's celebrity fans, including Mary J. Blige, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Clinton. When asked by the Hollywood Reporter what she plans to do at this year's Emmys, the be-pixie-cutted starlet says:

...I'll also make a more clear list of people to stalk and harass, so I can hit them up systematically rather than flail around. Last year I did not do so well and ended up following Kerry Washington around for 10 hours without actually talking to her.


She also says that she's planning on stalking the rest of the Scandal cast, stars of the excellent Top of the Lake, and honorary woman Louis C.K. Excellent list.

[Hollywood Reporter via Bust]

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