Landlord Advertises for Single Women, Films Them Naked, Shares Photos

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It's one of those creepy stories you're hearing about more and more often: A man advertises rooms for young women and then spies on them while they're performing intimate acts. And then he shares it on social media. Because people are the same all over: Awful.


This particular horror happened in Beijing, where a man rented rooms specifically to "single young women" (isn't that just creepy to begin with? To be fair, though, I did once try to rent a room where all applicants had to go through a "practice shower" to show they could do it in under five minutes) and then installed hidden cameras in the bedrooms and a two-way mirror in the bathroom. I think that's the creepiest thing of all. Being watched remotely? Awful. Knowing that there was likely someone on the other side of the mirror while you were in the bathroom? I wouldn't ever be able to get out of bed again. This is like Saw and Sliver and every other scary movie out there all rolled into one sexually violating shit ball.


Wait, that's not the worst part. The worst part is that the cameras had both day and night vision, so the women were being spied on 24/7 and also the fact that they found out when their photos appeared online. And also that six women were living in the same room. There is not one part of this, actually, that is not the worst part.

From The Mirror:

"One of our room mates unexpectedly found nude pictures of us on one of his social media accounts where he had posted them. She told us about it and it was obvious that he must have been spying on us as the only place they could have come from were the bathroom and the bedroom."

The women chose not to confront the landlord directly and went to the police. He now faces up to five years in jail.

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I once read a story in a woman's magazine about a guy who moved back in with his ex wife and kids after the divorce. Except he didn't tell them. He set up a mattress in the roof space and made little holes in the ceiling of each room so he could spy on the areas below. While they were out I think he used the kitchen and bathroom.

Ever since then, if I go into a house and there are any little holes in the ceiling, I imagine some creepster is living up there. Sleeping on a mattress. Spying on everyone. Coming down to use the expensive shampoo and steal the best slices of the fruit toast.

Check your roof space, people. And if there's a mattress up there.... well.

ETA: Mark, I told the poopvomit towel story last week. SURELY that warrants me being lifted out of the grays?