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Real Life Nightmare: Woman Discovers 11 Hidden Cameras in Home

Illustration for article titled Real Life Nightmare: Woman Discovers 11 Hidden Cameras in Home

Well, this reads just like something out of Saw or Sliver or any other horror movie that involves innocent people being watched without their knowledge. Except it's real and it is horrifying.


A Kansas City woman called to the police to her home on Saturday when a visiting co-worker noticed that the smoke detectors in the woman's apartment resembled the hidden cameras (disguised as smoke detectors, naturally) she had seen in the basement of their workplace, Freaks Tattoo. Even more suspicious is the fact that the woman lived above the tattoo parlor and that her boss—who was also her landlord—had been attempting to date her since she had moved in. He had also remodeled her bathroom in October when she was out of town.

What the police discovered was chilling:

Officers found a bundle of wires in the victim's closet leading into a gray pipe that extended down through the tattoo parlor and into the basement to some shelves. When officers moved boxes on the shelves, they found a computer monitor, which revealed seven video screens showing the interior of the victim's apartment.



Four of the screens were black; those were from the smoke detectors that police had removed. The other screens led police to find three cameras hidden behind pinholes in the victim's bedroom. They also found two cameras hidden in the sink vanity's decorative trim, focused on the toilet. Two cameras concealed in the wall provided a view of the shower.

I don't even know what to say, except who does that? But that seems like an understatement when you consider the huge violation of privacy here. How does one even get over something like this? When do you stop checking every room for cameras?

When reached for comment, the victim told The Kansas City Star that she was doing well and looking for a new place to live. The landlord could not be reached. No arrests have been made. According to a post on Freaks Tattoo's page, the business has been shut down and the artists formerly employed there are moving to other studios immediately.


Image via Facebook.

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Is it an overreaction to burn the place down? Cause that was my first instinct.