Kylie Jenner Is Coming For Your Baby

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If you’re one of those people who absolutely despises the Kardashians, you know, the kind who comments on articles about them by screaming “um, this is news?!” and who vows to protect your family from the Kardashian industrial complex and all of its appetite-suppressing lollipop endorsements, you better watch your back, sister. Kylie Jenner is coming for you. More specifically, she’s coming for your baby.

Because beauty products, games, apps, clothing, and whatever “poosh” is aren’t enough business endeavors for the Kardashian clan, Jenner just filed a new trademark for a line of baby products, TMZ reports. This will include: cribs, bouncers, changing tables, baby walkers, skin moisturizers, lotions, swaddling blankets, breast storage bottles, breast pumps, *takes a deep breath* strollers, children’s car seats, and diaper bags—all under the “Kylie Baby” title.

This isn’t surprising given Jenner’s a relatively new mother and, while she has access to what I can only assume are the fanciest, most expensive baby-rearing accessories in the world, none of them are Kardashian-branded. If you’re Jenner, why use another company’s products when you can create your own! Given the traditional aesthetic and color palette of her beauty line, I also assume everything will be beige or sensibly neutral.


What’s next: baby wigs? Baby lip kits? Either way, Kylie Jenner is coming for babies everywhere, even yours.

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Kat Marlowe

and whatever “poosh”

The new line from Demi Lovato’s sister, obvi. It’s hard to build a brand from the ground up when you’re starting from under it.