This leads me to my favorite part of all this: Kim is not a good dancer. This is something she admits to and talks about all the time. Prince kicked her off the stage for her bad dancing in 2011. Big sis Kourt called her out for “having an inability to let loose” in 2018. She said, “Listen, I’m no dancer,” when Addison Rae attempted to teach her how to dance on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2021. And this is fine! She doesn’t need to be a dancer. But to dance badly to your nemesis’s song is...not brave, but, it’s something. I definitely wouldn’t fucking do it.

In August a source told Hollywood Life that “Kim has moved on from this a long time ago. She wishes Taylor nothing but success and happiness.” And also that she “really loves” Taylor’s music. So fine, Kim’s buried the hatchet—but there’s still a difference between making nice in the press and jumping around to a 60-second clip of your former enemy’s song that she knows will inevitably lead to a post like this. But I guess now she knows how to...shake it off. Welcome to the Swift Cinematic Universe, Kim. I hope you can’t get Eras tickets.