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Kids' "Lingerie" Line Causes Panic Over Noah Cyrus's Virtue

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

According to conflicting reports, Miley Cyrus's little sister Noah is/is not starting her own lingerie/children's clothing/tutu dress line. In any case, cue the hysteria.

Celebuzz claimed Noah and her friend Emily Grace Reaves were starting Ooh! La, La Couture, "basically a line of "sexy French maid" lingerie, for nine year-olds." And indeed, video above (with a modestly dressed Miley helping out) does appear to show some pretty racy getups. Grownups reacted, predictably, with outrage. MSN's CelebrityFix blog wrote,

Whether it's dressing like a dominatrix for Halloween, skipping around a pole-dancing pole or performing the totally un-PG hits 'Smack That' and 'Tik Tok', we suspect this nine-year-old could easily notch up more scandals than her big sis by the time she hits her teens.

The latest news that's got us scratching our heads and wondering, yet again, 'what were her parents thinking?' ...little Noah is set to become a lingerie model.


CelebrityFix appears to be referring to this performance, which while perhaps "un-PG" still just looks to me like a kid messing around:

Perhaps more upsetting is Noah's pole-dancing past (she's 9, so her "past" is August), revealing that age-inappropriate stripper routines run in the family. Despite Noah's previous exploits, CelebrityFix wasn't the only source hand-wringing over her latest endeavor. CNBC's Jane Wells writes,


Reports surfaced that Noah and Emily Grace plan to launch a line of lingerie for children.

I didn't even know children wore lingerie.

I thought they wore pajamas.

While their regular clothing line is being designed in collaboration with Ooh! La, La! Couture, the Mail reported the two girls were also working on lingerie, described as "trendy, sweet, yet edgy", which they hoped to have ready by Valentine's Day.

That noise you hear is me picking my jaw up off the ground.

She adds, "What's the deal with the younger sisters of teen pop stars? Jamie Lynn Spears. Ali Lohan. The sequel never seems to pan out well." Except: Ooh! La La doesn't make lingerie, and Noah isn't really in charge. According to The Frisky, she's just helping promote the line, which was actually "inspired" (whatever that means) by Emily Grace. And the clothes are actually made by one Annie Dugourd, a stay-at-home mom who called Wells to set the record straight. She says, "The story is completely's a total lie...we don't make lingerie." She also says that the girls aren't making lingerie with any other company. About Ooh! La La, she clarifies, "We just make tutu dresses, tank tops attached to tutus."


From the video, this appears to be the case. While Reaves's leopard outfit isn't the picture of innocence, it does at least appear to be outerwear. Still, the Frisky says the dresses "just makes us say, 'Why? Why do little girls have to dress like whores? Enjoy your youth, young grasshoppers! Enjoy your innocence while it lasts!' Be sure to watch closely at :33 ... we're not exactly sure why Emily randomly growls and slaps her thigh. A nod to Noah's 'Smack That' fame?" Emily's growl is kind of upsetting, but mostly in a wtf way, and while I'm no big fan of little girls pole-dancing, I can't get too riled about Ooh! La La. For one thing, it's awfully premature to assume Noah's destined for teen pregnancy a la Jamie Lynn just because she likes fishnets. For another, it might actually do more harm than good to Noah's psyche — already assailed by a hyper-famous teen sister and, as Sadie says, some potentially "exploitative stage-parents" — to darkly suggest that she won't "pan out well." Finally, I find it heartening that some proceeds from Ooh! La La are set to go to Emily Grace's charity. The name: Lollipops and Rainbows. I don't think these girls have lost their innocence just yet.

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