Miley's Little Sister Gets In On Act; Disney Peddles Her Cherries

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Miley Cyrus' pole-dance is so yesterday. The latest controversy? Her 9-year-old sister's iteration.


Before we get the proverbial knickers in a twist (by the way: how does one manage this?) don't worry: as the video shows, Noah Cyrus's activities backstage before the infamous Teen Choice Awards can be termed a "pole dance" in only the strictest sense: she and some little friends alternately run around it maypole-style, or flop about in a desultory fashion. As a number of viewers have pointed out, most kids her age don't even know what a stripper pole is.

Well, Noah might, if only for the reason that the same evening, her older sister went on to execute a controversial routine on one. Whether a 9-year-old would get the implication or not, she was gonna see it, if she hadn't already (kind of the issue with imitative behavior, after all.) And even if you can dismiss Noah's actions as innocent - and I do - it's rather hard to know why her parents would apparently sign off on a posed shot of Noah and said little friends around said pole, which they then distributed to the media.

Of course, it's been a while since we stopped trying to understand the workings of the Cyrus parents' hive mind: simply put, they seem to be terrible, and irresponsible, in the grand tradition of exploitative stage-parents. Like I said before, maybe we could look the other way on the weird Vanity Fair shot - big city lights and all that - but the adult-sanctioned Lolita stuff had us raising eyebrows, and this is just another nail in the coffin. Writes Cara Lisa Berg Powers on the Wimn blog,

I do, in fact, care what Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus think, because ultimately, it sets a social standard for parents all over the country, who, Spike TV's website speculates, will have their tween children begging them for stripper poles this Christmas...This isn't about girls getting in touch with and developing healthy pride in their own sexuality. This is about calculating adults and corporate entities who profit by shaping tween and teen girl icons into pop culture Lolitas.

Y'know, I think it's time we gave up on the Cyrus parents. Harsh? Maybe. But they're not suddenly going to turn into responsible disciplinarians who make good choices. The girls are kids, yes. As Powers says, it's the parents who are really going to dictate what happens here, and however Miley and Noah turn out, I think it's time to deliver verdict on their guardians: they're bad role models. And hey, no one's giving the House of Mouse a pass here, either: in either an act of colossal ostrich-imitation or a calculated attempt to cash in on the now-inevitable Lolit-ization of their cash cow, they've issued perhaps the most devastating salvo yet: Hanna Montana-brand cherries.

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lady rainicorn

My little sister is almost 9. She doesn't know what stripper poles are, and I'm sure she has no idea what sex or the concept of sex is (unlike myself at that age). Sometimes, I worry that she might be too innocent and unknowing, but then I see shit like this and thank God that she's the way she is. And I'm glad she doesn't like Miley Cyrus or any other modern Disney crap.