Kendra: The Pressures Of Postpartum Weight-Loss

On last night's second season premiere of Kendra, the onetime Playboy centerfold dealt with a newfound lack of self-confidence in her sex appeal after she didn't magically snap back to her pre-pregnancy figure one month after giving birth.

Having delivered her son in mid-December, last night's episode focused on Kendra's gloominess that, less than four weeks later, she still hadn't lost all the baby weight. Last month, she posed in a bikini, holding her infant son, on the cover of OK, saying she'd lost 25 lbs in 8 weeks. At one point, after trying on a "sauna suit" in an attempt to sweat some of the weight out, she told her husband Hank, "I wouldn't fuck me." The thing is, she couldn't fuck herself or anyone else even if she did feel so inclined, because most doctors would advise waiting at least six weeks to have sex after a Cesarean, as Kendra did. It's just another example of why it's so unnatural that women feel pressured to look and feel sexy immediately after childbirth.

Posing for a tabloid cover less than two months after having the baby probably didn't do much to relieve any societal or personal pressures Kendra was feeling about her body. It also doesn't help that the theme song for her show starts off with Too $hort singing, "She's hot and sexy…" But for his part, her husband Hank seemed to be really sweet, supportive and understanding, telling her how beautiful she is and how he loved the way she looked in her new (larger-sized) dress she bought for their first postpartum date night.



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I wish for one second I could wave my magic wand and offer a moment's empathy for new moms everywhere, not just Kendra.

So many of the "body issues" women go through after childbirth are tied - inextricably - to how we view ourselves. If you haven't been there, it may be impossible to understand that you grieve in a way for the woman you were as you struggle to find this new identity and make it fit.

Instead of Shannon, I became Mom. It was incredibly difficult, and actually took years to get to where I felt comfortable knowing that I am both.