Katy Perry Wants to Make Up With Taylor Swift Now, I Guess

Here’s some more gossip juice wrung from the fruit of Katy Perry’s Sirius XM interview on Tuesday: she really, really wants to make up with Taylor Swift, because women don’t need to fight, they need to come together.


“I am ready because I think when women unite, the world is going to heal,” she said, according to People. “I don’t have any beef really with anyone. I love everyone, and honestly I love everyone and I think we need to unite more than ever. I think we see that today especially — like we need to come together and love on each other today.”

Curious words and a confusing message from a woman who released a song that contains the lyric “So keep calm, honey, I’ma stick around /For more than a minute, get used to it /Funny my name keeps comin’ outcho mouth/‘Cause I stay winning” and features album art of Perry’s manicured hand holding a receipt. Nicki Minaj also has a guest verse on that song and also has beef with Taylor Swift — Minaj’s is about this nonsense from 2015, in case you forgot. Perry finally confirmed the beef with Swift in an appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke game on Monday. She’s not over this Taylor thing, it’s crystal freaking clear. But never mind all of these fairly logical plot points in this tiresome saga: “Swish, Swish” isn’t about her shit with Taylor, it’s about empowerment, duh!

“‘Swish Swish’ just basically is like, I stay winning,” Perry told SiriusXM. “I just like, you know, I’m above that crap. I’m gonna stay winning. You gonna try to hold me down, I’m gonna come out like a phoenix rising.”


Dani Mathers, 2015's Playmate of the Year, who was dragged to the ends of the earth for “accidentally” posting a pretty mean photo of a nude woman at the gym and her subsequent horrified reaction on Snapchat, pled no contest to misdemeanor invasion of privacy in a Los Angeles court Tuesday.

She’ll be on probation for three years and can’t take pictures of people or post them online without their permission, which seems perfectly fair. Mathers was also given the choice of 45 days in jail or 30 days of graffiti removal. In perhaps her smartest move yet, she chose the latter.

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Only one comment: I do not understand the attraction of nails of that length.

I love Katy Perry’s shorter hair as I did with Miley Cyrus, and I find the super-long nails a somewhat jarring contrast. Like with your supercute, pixie hairstyle, wouldn’t you want the supercute, pixie nails?

The hair is Audrey Hepburn and the nails are Tammy Faye Baker. I do not get it.