Karrueche Is Done

In the wake of the news that Chris Brown is the father to a nine month-old baby girl, one of the longest suffering live-in girlfriends/sidepieces in Hollywood tweeted her reaction.


Karrueche, it seems, is finally done—although she really should have know that Chris was going to knock someone up eventually.

If my highly scientific timeline is correct, the baby was conceived sometime around Karrueche and Chris' fifty millionth reconciliation and Chris being arrested for felony assault.


We'll see how long this spark of common sense lasts for Karrueche.

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I'm sure she thinks she means that but I don't believe her. He's been doing her dirty for YEARS...and PUBLICLY. She was cool gallivanting around with him during the many instances where he was doing her wrong, not being faithful, calling her out when they broke up, etc. This man has shown her for years that he's never had her best interests at heart. He can't even put his best interests first.

And I say this as someone who dated someone very similar to Brown for five years. When you finally are done, you don't say shit. You act. You let your actions do the talking, mostly because your words mean nothing to the other person. And why would they? She's stayed through him publicly cheating. She's stayed through him dogging her in the press. I see no reason why she would leave now. I hope she will but the fact that one of her first acts was to take to Twitter about it, like the countless other times they've broken up. Yeah...I'll believe that when I see it.