Kanye West Has Been Hospitalized for 'His Own Health And Safety'

Photo Credit: AP
Photo Credit: AP

On Monday afternoon, soon after canceling the remainder of his Saint Pablo tour, Kanye West was hospitalized in the Los Angeles area. He is currently under medical observation.

NBC News reports that the rapper was checked into a local hospital after the Los Angeles police responded to a midday medical welfare call. Sources emphasize that no criminal activity took place. West has merely been placed under medical care for “his own health and safety.”

West’s tour was cancelled without reason; however, the last several days have been markedly tumultuous. Last week, in the middle of a show, he told concertgoers that he did not vote, but would have supported Donald Trump if he had. He also claimed—yet again—that he would run for president in 2020. On Saturday evening he arrived an hour and a half late to his own show in Sacramento. He performed three songs, raged against Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and left. Then, he canceled his Sunday show in L.A. mere hours before he was supposed to take the stage. Sources said he was “taking a breather to deal with personal issues.”


With the rest of his national tour canceled and his admittance to a Los Angeles hospital, it looks as if West will indeed be taking a pause.

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With all my intuitive, witchy powers I tell you I have long believed Kanye to be bipolar. Love him, feel for him, he’s a blowhard but brilliant. Let’s try a little compassion- when it comes to mental illness, celebs are really just like us- except sometimes the fishbowl exacerbates the delusions and makes it harder to get help. Wishing him, and everyone else with depresh/anxiety/panic since the election, PEACE.