Julie Chen Was Not Surprised by the Horrible Racism on Big Brother

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This season of Big Brother was racist. Just how racist was it? Well, it was racist enough that people actually remembered that Big Brother is still on the air, which is to say that it was really very racist. The non-white houseguests had to put up with all kinds of bigoted comments and harassment from their fellow castmates, all while being voted out of the house one by one.

Last week, Aryn — the most racist cast member of all — was evicted from the house and was forced to face Big Brother host Julie Chen. Chen handled the situation perfectly by staying cool, calm and collected, all while letting Aryn tangle herself in her own words.


But how did Chen, an Asian woman, actually feel while watching in-house footage of Aryn and her friends tell an Asian cast member to "go make some rice"? Or seeing the number of times they pushed an African American houseguest to the point of tears with their racist nastiness? Depressingly, she wasn't at all surprised by it.

Chen told Entertainment Tonight:

Unfortunately I'm not surprised. Mostly because this season has opened my eyes to human nature. These people are living in a bubble and if you don't get called out or shamed into behaving properly, I don't think you're inclined to change. It just goes to show you who people really are at their core.


Come on, humanity. We have to do better than this.

Julie Chen Reveals 'Talk' Secrets & 'BB' Lies [ET]

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I don't really agree that Aaryn is the most racist/bigoted cast member, though she's a close second to Amanda. They just decided to pin the behavior on Aaryn in the edit and avoided attributing it to anyone else, which is unfortunate.

Amanda was booted last night but didn't get nearly the treatment Aaryn did from Julie (asked her about being a bully but not a racist).

GM and Spencer have also had some pretty terrible moments too, but Amanda and Aaryn are definitely the top two. Jeremy and David might be up there if they had stuck around longer (David was first out but did blame his dirty sheets on "black Candice").