Racist 'Big Brother' Contestant Gets Evicted, Booed on Live TV

After talking some crazy shit about Asians (and black people and homosexuals), Aaryn Gries was finally evicted from the Big Brother house during Thursday night's live episode, where she was confronted by Julie Chen about her bigoted remarks, which made for gripping television.


When Aaryn stepped out of the house she was booed by the studio audience which was probably her first sign that her sit down with Julie wasn't going to be about her competition wins or her game strategy. Julie Chen reminded the audience that because Aaryn is now part of the jury (the group of evicted house guests who are sequestered and then vote on the winner of the game), she wasn't able to "give her any news or feedback from the outside world," meaning that she couldn't tell Aaryn that she'd been dropped from her modeling contract after her slurs and behavior made headlines.

Julie did, however, confront her about the perception that she is racist. Ironically, Aaryn said that it had to do with the "stereotype" associated with Southern people. She insisted that any questionable remarks she'd made were simply taken out of context.

Julie then reminded Aaryn that they are filmed 24/7 with the live feeds, totally unedited, available on the Internet in real time. To drive it home that the entire world was privy to conversations she bizarrely thought were private, she read Aaryn some of the things she had said. Aaryn first tried to deny that she said them, then said she didn't remember saying them. The audience laughed at her.

In the end, she blamed it again on being Southern, saying:

In Texas we say things…sometimes we joke and we don't mean it.

The night before her eviction, Aaryn bleached her anus, and now there's one less white asshole left in the Big Brother house.




A racist blonde chick whose name is an anagram of Aryan? You don't say.