Julianne Moore Will Play Gloria Steinem in My Life on the Road

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Julianne Moore will play the role of Gloria Steinem in Julie Taymor’s adaptation of My Life on the Road—what a relief!

When it was announced in September that Taymor would be directing the film adaptation of Steinem’s autobiography, part of me was worried that the titular role would go to one of Hollywood’s spring chickens who consistently play women that are considerably older than they are. A terrible vision of Jennifer Lawrence accepting another goddamn Oscar for bravely slapping on some bad aging prosthetics and embodying Steinem’s journey to feminist hero haunted my dreams for weeks.


Were this film directed or produced by a man, I imagine Steinem would be played by a Lawrence, an Emma Stone, a Jessica Chastain (imagine that) or, god help us, Amy Adams. However, the powers that be have spoken—it’s going to be Julianne Moore. Thank goodness.

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