Julie Taymor Set to Direct Movie Adaptation of Gloria Steinem Memoir My Life on the Road

Gloria Steinem and her new best friend, Julie Taymor. Images: Getty
Gloria Steinem and her new best friend, Julie Taymor. Images: Getty

I can think of nothing more perfect than this pairing: Julie Taymor is set to direct the film adaptation of Gloria Steinem’s memoir My Life on the Road.


Deadline reports that the script will be written by playwright Sarah Ruhl, who was a MacArthur fellow in 2006. Ruhl’s best known and most recent work is In The Next Room (or the Vibrator Play), which is about the early history of the vibrator and how it was used to treat women’s “hysteria” during the Victorian era. It was also nominated for three Tony Awards in 2010 and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

The movie will be about “Steinem’s growth into a galvanizing symbol for equality, with a focus on the surprising encounters along the road that helped shape her.” Taymor, who directed Frida, Across the Universe and Titus for film is also responsible for Broadway productions of The Lion King and the beautiful, over-ambitious nightmare that was Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark. Knowing Taymor’s body of work and understanding her clear and extremely distinct vision, there’s no doubt that whatever she has in store will be interesting, to say the least.

“When I read the book it demanded that it be a film,” Taymor said. “It’s so vividly cinematic, with entertaining and complex characters, and like Gloria herself, also witty and provocative. From reluctant spokesperson to a beacon of positive change, hers is a singular journey—an American leader who can speak to us all.”

Who will play Gloria? Some stray thoughts: Jennifer Lawrence is too dewy. Emma Stone, in big glasses and a frowsy wig, too expected. Anna Kendrick—a thought I just had that is so ludicrous and not-going-to-happen that I regret putting it into the universe. Someone like Brie Larson or Brit Marling (the space cadet from that Netflix show The OA) would work. What if it was Lindsay Lohan’s comeback role?! Imagine that! Can you? I almost can and that makes it terrifying but also slightly thrilling— La Lohan, trying so, so, very hard. The possibilities! They’re endless!

Regardless of who plays Gloria Steinem in the role of a lifetime, I’m here for this film: Yes, Julie! Do it! Show us Gloria Steinem’s life on the road in its kaleidoscopic glory! Walk me through the fields of your feminist vision!


Little Animal

I love Julie Taymor. I fell in love with Titus when I was in high school. We watched it in my Shakespeare class. Then when Across the Universe came out a few years ago, I saw it in the theater five or six times. She’s amazing. She is really gifted at bringing a beautiful visual experience to the audience.