Julia Fox Had a Secret Quarantine Baby

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It’s impossible for my announcement of this information to be as compelling as Julia Fox’s, but here goes...Julia Fox had a baby!

She made the reveal tile-by-tile on Instagram on Sunday. I learned of the news after a post of her elbow sent me to her page to see what was up:


In the caption accompanying the most recent photo, the Uncut Gems star said she did the shoot with model and photographer Richie Shazam after her gynecologist informed her that she would have to deliver the baby early because of blood pressure issues. “I ran home in a panic cuz I still hadn’t taken any pics but my girls came thru for me,” she wrote.

Fox gave birth to her son, Valentino, on Jan. 17.

Quarantine has made it far easier for celebrities to have secret pregnancies and secret babies, and I happen to like it. Secrets are fun, and it saves those of us who follow celeb goss from reading tedious incremental posts following nine months of pregnancy. Congrats, Julia!!

Cardi B has presented her entry for a category typically dominated by conservative politicians: Grossest-Looking Food Posted on Twitter by a Very Rich Person.


I feel pretty certain that these chocolate-covered strawberries at least taste good—unlike, say, my impression of Texas Senator John Cornyn’s brisket, or former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s veggie “pizza.” But I think we can agree that they aren’t the most visually appealing:


As a longtime Valentine’s Day lover, however, I appreciate the effort, and will forgive Cardi this post.

  • Remember the Lily James-Dominic West kissing debacle from approximately a hundred years (four months) ago? Anyway, James is kissing someone else now. [Page Six]
  • I was under the impression that Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin were already Instagram official, but in case there’s still any ambiguity: Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin are a couple that exists. [People]
  • Vanessa Hudgens also went Instagram official on Valentine’s Day—the national holiday of going Instagram official—with Pittsburgh Pirates (baseball) player Cole Tucker. They were first linked to each other in November. [E! Online]

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Cardi, you have to dip the strawberry in melted chocolate, not almost cooled chocolate. Add a little vegetable oil if the chocolate isn’t runny enough.

As for conservatives posting pictures of terrible looking food, I highly doubt they eat that garbage. It’s their way of appealing to the common man whose vote they need. In reality, I’m sure the food they end up eating is either catered, from a restaurant with a separate wine list and cloth napkins, or made by a chef in their own homes.