Will the Father of Mindy Kaling's Second (and First) Child Please Stand Up?

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Pandemics! They’re great for ignoring people you don’t ever want to talk to again, choreographing dances to “How Deep Is Your Love” for no reason and also, if you are Mindy Kaling, a pandemic is an amazing time to have a second baby in secret!!


Mindy shared the news on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert; her son’s name is Spencer, he was born on September 3, and the entire world never knew Mindy was pregnant in the first place because a pandemic, as I’ve said, is a great time to lean into what it might feel like to be a shut-in, and also, to do shit like have a baby to add to your family, which includes another baby whose father is still a big mystery.

I do love a secret, and a secret baby born in 2020 is a nice secret indeed! The larger secret of who is the father of Mindy Kaling’s babies is a secret that she is obviously allowed to keep forever. However, I am an indefatigable nosy Noreen and would love it if someone rustled their skirts, dug around in their pocketbook, and produced the name of the man (or men!) who fathered the children Mindy Kaling is raising on her own.

(Obviously, Mindy is entitled to her privacy, and the fact that she managed to pull this off in general is incredible, what I would give to be a famous person just famous enough to do shit like have two babies in private without ever revealing who the father is, and then just go live my life in my nice house, touch the bougainvilleas in the garden, and drink a smoothie on the flagstone patio in the early morning sun.)

Anyway: I have my theories, but they are likely the same as your theories, so I want to hear some NEW names that do not rhyme with Sneejay Blovak.

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Oh, sure, why not, let’s look a little closer at this Brad Pitt drama that probably isn’t anything but whatever, that’s fine.


A woman named Kelli Christina from Plano, Texas is suing Brad Pitt for $100,000, claiming that he offered her his hand in marriage (?) and then ripped her off? I don’t know, man. Apparently Christina paid “Brad Pitt” $40,000 for charity appearances, he never showed up, but took the money anyway. Also, at some point in these proceedings, he intimated he would marry her?

Pitt’s lawyers have dismissed this case as obviously false, and it is clear to me that this woman got catfished by a Brad Pitt impersonator, OR she’s just leaning into the litigious nature of our culture and seeing if she can shake a famous down for some petty cash. [Page Six]


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Appreciate it

Shouldn’t we be on Mindy’s team here for standing for the privacy of her children, and her right to have a baby or 11 in whatever manner she wants without the public thinking its their right to know the details, whether that be with whom/where/when/how? I recognize that there is a bit of this in the article, but the title screams of patriarchy and the thought that we in our patriarchal society have the right to opinions on what women do with their bodies.

We don’t actually have the right to this knowledge about Mindy. Let’s instead applaud her for pulling off this thing she decided to pull off. Title change?