Juicy Couture Prints 'Manufactured in Glamorous USA' on Clothing, Forgets to Remove 'Made in Vietnam' Tags

Illustration for article titled Juicy Couture Prints Manufactured in Glamorous USA on Clothing, Forgets to Remove Made in Vietnam Tags

Last we heard from them, Juicy Couture was laughing all the way to the bank as we all paraded around in matching velour tracksuits uniforms of 2002. However, I wasn't mad at them then because those tracksuits are comfortable as hell.


But today, something really does stink at JC HQ, where t-shirts silkscreened with "Manufactured in the Glamorous USA" have tags that read "Made in Vietnam".


What's up, Juicy C? Is this a misprint? Or are you deliberately deceiving legions of women who want to wear workout clothes while not working out?

True (kinda related) story: I once wandered into a Juicy Couture store to escape the cold while waiting for a friend (OK FINE I WAS BUYING A TRACKSUIT) and while perusing their candy-colored wears, I decided to help myself to a gumball from a giant jar of delicious-looking gumballs. Right after I popped it in my mouth, a young gentleman employee told me they coat the damn things in hairspray to keep them bright and attractive. SO BASICALLY, what I'm asking is — is this another one of your lies, Juicy Couture?!

They're fairly responsive on Twitter, so uh, your move, JC?

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I'm always surprised to learn that people still wear Juicy. It's so ugly and gaudy. Oh, and cheap. Almost as horrific as Betsy Johnson.