JoJo Is a Social Distance Influencer Now

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The celebrities seem to be handling coronavirus quarantine as well as the rest of us, i.e., making extremely poor social media choices, getting bored, and watching stupid movies. (I have not yet seen one write a blog post about being horny for an elected official, but we’ve still got 12 to 18 months to go.) Many of them also appear to have pivoted toward social distance influencing, including JoJo.


Page Six reports that JoJo has reworked her 2004 breakthrough hit “Leave (Get Out),” a song that played endlessly at my camp that summer, into a “Chill (Stay In)“ situation, which is far more apt for this age of isolation. It’s on YouTube:

Again, my brain is broken and empty, but this is pretty catchy? Something to listen to while you attempt to cook something in the dutch oven you panic-bought? Just me? OK! I’m gonna keep my ass in! [Page Six]

Daniel Dae Kim has coronavirus!

People reports that Kim started noticing symptoms on a recent flight back to Hawaii from New York City. “[A]s the flight was close to landing, I started noticing some scratchiness in my throat, which is unlike how I usually get sick,” he said on Instagram on Thursday. When his symptoms intensified—fever, body aches, and a tightness in his chest—he managed to get a test.

Kim says he’s healing and expects to make a full recovery. [People]

Speaking of celebrities with coronavirus, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson seem to be doing OK!


People reports that the couple will be released from the Queensland hospital they’ve been isolating at on Monday:

“Tom and Rita are doing very well and continue to recover,” Hanks’ rep Leslee Dart says. “Their recovery is very much on course for healthy adults with this virus. They are feeling better each day.”


Hopefully Tom and Rita will be fully recovered soon. [People]

  • Isolating: Anthony Hopkins, Anthony Hopkins’s cat. [Page Six]
  • Not isolating: Evangeline Lily (but she fucking should!) [Us Weekly]
  • Praying: Justin Bieber. [Page Six]
  • In non-coronavirus news, Tekashi 6ix9ine is getting sued for $150 million. [TMZ]
  • Tori Spelling seems to have lost it. [Us Weekly]



Don’t understand Evangeline Lily’s insistence on broadcasting her refusal to self-isolate. It’s one thing to bend the rules in small ways that are considered low risk, it’s another to post on your Instagram that you don’t give a shit.

Wasn’t she the one who was recently saying she’d gone through a hard time emotionally/mentally? Does she think an inevitable backlash is going to help?