Jessica Simpson Is Now Shilling for ClearBlue Pregnancy Tests

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Joining the ranks of fellow reality TV stars Kendra Wilkinson and Melissa Rycroft, Jessica Simpson is ClearBlue's latest celebrity paid to promote pregnancy tests.


Despite the fact that her womb's status is currently at "probably not developing a fetus," Simpson's status as a mom who has been pregnant a lot lately evidently makes her a perfect spokesperson for the company. Her role right now appears to be to promote current ClearBlue's sweepstakes; expectant mothers can win $5,000 by sharing how they first told people they were pregnant.

ClearBlue's latest product is their new pregnancy test called the Weeks Estimator, which tells you not only that you are pregnant, but how many weeks pregnant you are (1-2, 2-3, 3+). While the company been capitalizing on the internet shareability of exciting news like pregnancies, births, weddings, etc., they haven't clarified whether any of this sharing has resulted in unhappiness from their consumers, who might regret being so whoo hoo! about their pregnancy with strangers after a miscarriage or other unfortunate event.

The company told Jessica Grose that they reached out to Wilkinson and Rycroft to be spokespeople after finding out that their customers were excited about those particular pregnancies via their Facebook page. Though Simpson is more high profile that those two, her current occupations – a clothing line, repping Weight Watchers and having babies – make her a natural progression for a company dominating the market in new people being born.


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Why doesn't Clearblue also try to appeal to the people who don't want to have a baby? That's a huge demographic. Not all of the people who buy pregnancy tests actually want to be pregnant. I'm a little famous, I'll endorse it for them.

"Use Clearblue and you just might win an all-expenses paid exotic abortion getaway!"