Jessica Simpson Says Losing Weight Is Fun, Is Almost Convincing

A young blonde girl frolics in the grass with a puppy without a care in the world. PYSCH! That young girl is supposed to represent Jessica Simpson as a child, before she grew up, had a baby and apparently got so fat it was cover-worthy news.


Previously, Simpson teased that even though she was having a second kid, Weight Watchers was still for her, in a commercial that revealed nothing more of her body than the stuff above the upper tops of her breasts. After having that baby and starting anew, she stood in a desert in cowboy boots and told us she wasn't perfect and you didn't have to be either, with the Weight Watchers Weight Loss 360° program.

Now, she's prompting you to get on the weight loss bandwagon just in time for the New Year with Simple Start, a program that is as much fun as hanging out with a dog that used to be a puppy in a yard. The takeaway is that She's having a lot of fun, guys – a slightly different take on her previous assertion that losing weight is (spoiler) really hard.



Semi relate: why are all the current WW commercials featuring size 2-4 models for their new all online program? It's the least believable ad ever.