Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky Are Still Dating, It's Going Fine

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky, two people who have been “casually dating” since October are indeed still carrying on. And, as per this fluffy bit of floof from People about the state of their relations, it’s going great.

I engaged with this link hoping for something a little dishy—cheating rumors or fights or artistic differences on the set of Mother!, a film that Aronofsky directed, starring Lawrence. Unfortunately, there’s nothing untoward to report, though I appreciate People calling out their 22-year old age difference at the top —they’re “living by the motto that age is just a number” —before assuring an anxious readership that despite that, they’re hanging in there and “getting serious.” Honestly, I’m not even sure what defines “serious” anymore as it relates to celebrity relationships, but I’ll take People’s word for it


The key to their success is the fact that Lawrence is “mature and focused,” while also having been “mesmerized by his talent and brains.” They’re also “sweet together” and they “seem happy.” Oh, and “they hold hands.” Sounds nice.

“I don’t know how far it will go but as of now they are a really good match, two talented people who love their work and are respected for it,” People’s source said. Wait a minute, that’s a lot of backtracking for two people who are “happy,” don’t you think? Oh well! They’re still together. Congrats to them.



Speaking of couples who are fine and happy that I also don’t really care about that much, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd apparently took their makeout tour to Buenos Aires.

The pair looked happier than ever as they strolled through the South American country’s capital. Gomez, 24, rocked a pinstriped dress and was photographed holding onto her beau, 27 — who donned an all-black ensemble paired with Gucci sneakers and a camouflage bomber jacket — as he played on his cellphone.


If you’d like to see three photos of The Weeknd gamely trying to make it work for the cameras, please head to Us Weekly. Enjoy.

[Us Weekly]

Image via screengrab

Good night!


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