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Jenelle Evans Is Pregnant Again, Filming New Season of Teen Mom 2

Illustration for article titled Jenelle Evans Is Pregnant Again, Filming New Season of Teen Mom 2

Troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has confirmed that she's pregnant again, this time with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith—the guy she told cops she was "trying to have sex" with in her Toyota when they were pulled over for erratic driving in September. (Griffith was charged with a DUI and puked in the back of the cop car.)


Evans confirmed the news by cryptically tweeting the following:


She then retweeted a link to an Us Weekly story about her pregnancy. According to E!, MTV has already filmed Evans' first doctor's appointment, and her pregnancy will be part of her storyline for the new season of Teen Mom 2. (Incidentally, the network announced this week that Teen Mom 3 was canceled after just one season.)

Evans and Griffith both have children from previous relationships—a four-year-old and two-year-old, respectively—and neither have custody. Evans' drug addiction and legal troubles have been documented on the show. She's been arrested nine times in three years, most recently in August, after failing a court-ordered drug test.

No word was given on when Evans is due.

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When does the title change from Teen Mom to Completely Adult and Utterly Dysfunctional Mom?

Jenelle is EXACTLY like my best friend from high school. I feel so sorry for her poor kids. She needs to get herself some real help and knock it off with the fucking TV shows.