Jenelle Evans Gets Abortion on Teen Mom 2 Premiere

Teen Mom 2 returned for a fifth season last night after a pro-longed filming hiatus. In that time, Jenelle Evans managed to get married, pregnant, and arrested for a felony.


Actually, Jenelle got pregnant twice in between filming seasons. The first time she miscarried (and live-tweeted the event). When she found out she was pregnant again in the spring—after she and her husband, Courtland Rogers, were arrested for assault and felony heroin possession—she decided to terminate the pregnancy. It was probably the most thought she's put behind a decision since ditching a court date for a Ke$ha concert.

"You know, I'm really happy that I'm, you know, not on heroin anymore," Jenelle said on last night's episode. In that same spirit of stability, Jenelle wisely decided to have a medical abortion, with her mother Barbara's full support.

Jenelle spoke about her choice on However, in the segment—which was filmed in New York in January—she is pregnant again. This time the father is an MMA fighter named Nathan Griffith. The couple was pulled over in September 2013 for erratic driving, which, as Jenelle explained to the police office, was because they were trying to have sex. They got matching tattoos in October and then she was arrested in December for disturbing the peace after loudly fighting with him. She is still married to her husband Courtland Rogers. She is due in June.



Has anyone sat her down and talked to her about getting an IUD? This girl sounds super fertile. She clearly isn't in a place in her life where she wants/can emotionally handle having another child. The IUD would just buy her some time to either get her stuff together for the next 5-10 years or get sterilized if she can't get it together.

God. Can you imagine if this fertile Myrtle was in the same room with KFed? Kfed is so potent he could knock up a brick wall. Jenelle could be the next Kate Gosslin is she hooked up with KFed.