Jeffrey Epstein’s New Will Sets Up Another Roadblock For Victims Seeking Justice

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According to AP, Jeffrey Epstein’s will, set up two days prior to his death by suicide earlier this month, included a trust fund worth $577 million in assets made up of $56 million in cash, $18.5 million in vehicles and aircraft, and property around the globe. Estate lawyers believe it will take years to open the trust and divide the wealth among the sexual assault victims currently seeking damages. As attorney Jennifer Freeman said, “This is the last act of Epstein’s manipulation of the system, even in death.”

Epstein “shrouded from public view the identities of the beneficiaries, whether they be individuals, organizations or other entities” by moving all his wealth into a trust, AP reports, which means that before the women stand trial to convince a judge to award them damages, they’ll have to convince the justice to release the details of the trust. It is an added step, a headache, most probably instituted to trouble the victims more than they already have been.

Lisa Bloom, another attorney that represents Epstein’s victims, argued that it was “gross negligence” for guards to allow the deceased pedophile to sign a new will, adding, “Wealthy people typically attempt to hide assets in trusts or other legal schemes. I believe the court and his administrators will want to do right by Epstein’s victims, and if not, we will fight for the justice that is long overdue to them,” the Guardian reports.


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Does anyone have the link to the actual 20 page document? It’s not linked in the original AP story either. Estate planning attorney here! It surprises me that he didn’t already have his assets diverted into a trust. It’s not just a scheme for the wealthy, but it’s anyone who wants their estate to avoid going through probate. I’ve been asked my so many people what would happen to Epstein’s money now that he killed himself. It won’t be easy, but I hope they can break the trust.