New Accusers Say Epstein Abused Them With Sex Toys, Raped Teen After She Told Him She Was a Virgin

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Three new accusers have come forward in the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide to allege the convicted pedophile sexually abused and raped them. Among the deeply disturbing accusations: Epstein abused them with sex toys, forced one woman to marry a “recruiter” so she could stay in the country, and raped one 17-year-old even after she told him she didn’t want to lose her virginity. The three women are suing Epstein’s estate.


The Daily Beast reports that the accusers, described in court documents as “Priscilla Doe,” “Lisa Doe,” and “Katlyn Doe,” say Epstein repeatedly sexually abused and manipulated them, using his influence and false promises to coerce them into sexual acts with him and his powerful friends. The abuse was ongoing even after Epstein became a convicted sex offender in 2008.

The abuse described in the court documents filed is harrowing. Katlyn says Epstein “pressured, manipulated, intimidated and forced” her to lose her virginity to him when she was 17. He also allegedly coerced her into marrying a “recruiter of females” for him so the recruiter could stay in the country—his New York-based attorney alleging arranging the whole thing—all the while continuing to abuse her. Katlyn says Epstein manipulated her to get her to stay with him.

Per the Daily Beast:

Katyln, like many other young victims, was vulnerable when she met him. She says she suffered from an eating disorder, and that Epstein had implied he would help cure her. Their initial meetings were under the guise of finding proper medical treatment. He promised to pay for surgeries that she would then be indebted to him to repay.

Priscilla, meanwhile, accused Epstein of forcing her into various sex acts, including “the use of sex toys inserted inside Plaintiff, digital penetration, forcible touching and many other sexual acts,” and some that were “too graphic and perverted to detail in the complaint.” Priscilla also claimed that Epstein co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell taught her the “proper way” to give Epstein a “blow job.”

Epstein also allegedly abused accuser Lisa with sex toys, at one point “forcibly pressing it onto and into Plaintiff’s vagina,” then “pleasur[ing] himself while he held the vibrating dildo on and in her vagina.”


And though Epstein’s cadre of famous friends quickly distanced themselves from him after his arrest on sex trafficking charges in July, court documents reveal Epstein “commonly bragged” about his friendships with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew, the latter of whom claimed this week that he was “appalled” to find out about Epstein’s pedophiliac proclivities. Which is interesting, considering this anecdote from Lisa’s lawsuit:

From that point on, Epstein engaged in “various sexually charged stretching activities” that did not allow her to practice her dance routines. It was around that time she met a man she refers to as “Prince” who she says was at Epstein’s home as a close personal friend. Lisa says she spoke at length with “Prince” and was “shocked that someone as powerful as a royal family member would be engaging in small talk with her.”




God, in all this filthy mess, one quote I read about Maxwell keeps haunting me: somebody or other said that she apparently was his willing procurer because she thought that if she proved her loyalty by getting him “one more girl,” he’d marry her.

Every single thing about that makes me ill. A woman who willingly tossed aside all her dignity, her soul, engaging in acts so vile they seem to ooze some repulsive fluid just reading about them, breaking laws in multiple countries, letting him lie to her for decades, and for what? To prove that this worn out sociopath monster loved her “best?” Or even cared about her?

Everybody who ever dealt in any sustained way with Epstein lost a portion of themselves forever, sucked into the maw of his revolting appetites. And with his suicide he robbed all his victims of even a sliver of payback.