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Since the Los Angeles Times first reported on director James Toback’s predatory behavior and sexual harassment, over 190 women have come forward with similar stories. But in Los Angeles, Toback will ultimately not face sex crime charges for the allegations.


The New York Times now reports that Los Angeles County prosecutors will not file criminal charges against Toback in five cases of sexual abuse because the statute of limitations has expired on all of them. In the cases, five women accuse Toback of a range of crimes including indecent exposure and felony sexual battery, such as instances of Toback instructing a woman to masturbate, rubbing himself on a woman’s legs until he ejaculated, and more. The crimes occurred between 1978 and 2008 according to documents reviewed by the Times.

Meanwhile, Harvey Weinstein, also accused of multiple instances of sexual harassment and assault, is still being investigated by the Los Angeles district attorney’s office. As of this February three cases had been sent to the DA by the Los Angeles police department and New York City is also reported to be investigating the producer. Weinstein has yet to be charged with any crime.

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