Actress Léa Seydoux said Weinstein tried to kiss her in a hotel room and she had to fight him off. (The Guardian)

“We were talking on the sofa when he suddenly jumped on me and tried to kiss me,” she told the Guardian. “I had to defend myself. He’s big and fat, so I had to be forceful to resist him.

“He tried more than once,” she added, describing Weinstein as “very domineering” and “losing control”. “I pushed him physically. I think he respected me because I resisted him.”

Kate Beckinsale said Weinstein offered her alcohol in his hotel room when she was 17 and that she repeatedly declined his sexual advances over the years. (Instagram)

He opened the door in his bathrobe. I was incredibly naive and young and it did not cross my mind that this older, unattractive man would expect me to have any sexual interest in him. After declining alcohol and announcing that I had school in the morning I left, uneasy but unscathed. A few years later he asked me if he had tried anything with me in that first meeting. I realized he couldn’t remember if he had assaulted me or not. I had what I thought were boundaries - I said no to him professionally many times over the years -some of which ended up with him screaming at me calling me a cunt and making threats, some of which made him laughingly tell people oh “Kate lives to say no to me.”

Actress Claire Folani said Weinstein suggested a massage in his hotel room and that she “escaped” him five times. (Twitter)

You see, nothing happened to me with Harvey — by that I mean, I escaped 5 times. I had two Peninsula Hotel meetings in the evening with Harvey and all I remember was I ducked, dived and ultimately got out of there without getting slobbered over, well just a bit. Yes, massage was suggested. The three dinners with Harvey I don’t really remember the time period, I was 25. I remember him telling me all the actresses who had slept with him and what he had done for them.

French actress Florence Darel said Weinstein propositioned her in a hotel room while his wife was next door. (People, via Le Parisien)

Things quickly took a turn though, according to Darel. After yelling there was no jacuzzi in his room, Darel claimed Weinstein began to make moves on her — seemingly unbothered by the fact that his wife was next door.

“He started to tell me that he found me very attractive and wanted to have relations with me,” Darel told Le Parisien. “I told him I was very in love with my companion. He replied that didn’t bother him at all and offered to have me be his mistress a few days a year. That way we could continue to work together. Basically, it was ‘If you want to continue in America, you have to go through me.’ ”

Actress Tara Subkoff recalled Weinstein pulling her onto his lap while erect at a party. (Variety)

“That night I was offered the role, and I went out to a premiere after party that Harvey Weinstein was also at,” she told Variety. “He motioned for me to come over to him, and then grabbed me to sit me on his lap. I was so surprised and shocked I couldn’t stop laughing because it was so awkward. But then I could feel that he had an erection. I got quiet, but got off his lap quickly. He then asked me to come outside with him and other things I don’t want to share, but it was implied that if I did not comply with doing what he asked me to do that I would not get the role that I had already been informally offered. I laughed in his face as I was in shock and so uncomfortable. I left the party right after that.”

Actress Sarah Ann Masse said Weinstein conducted an interview and hugged her while in his underwear. (Variety)

After about a month of pre-interviews, Masse said she was informed that Weinstein wanted to meet her. “They arranged for me to go to his house in Connecticut, so I drove out there.” When she arrived, she said, “Harvey Weinstein opened the door in his boxer shorts and an undershirt. My first thought was, ‘Oh, this is weird. Maybe he forgot this interview is happening. Maybe he thought I was the mailman. I’m sure he’ll be embarrassed and excuse himself and get changed.’ But he didn’t.”

She said that Weinstein had her sit down in his living room and conducted the rest of the interview in his underwear. As a young actress, meeting Weinstein already intimidated Masse, she explained, but his behavior made her feel particularly strange. “I tried to tell myself it was just an odd quirk, that it was fine, and to keep going with the interview.”

Actress Minka Kelly said Weinstein propositioned her with promises of lavish gifts if she would be his girlfriend. (Instagram)

I met Harvey at an industry party. The following day, my agent said he wanted to see me for a general meeting. The location was set for his hotel room. I wasn’t comfortable with going to his room & said so. The following day, we sat down with an assistant in the hotel restaurant. He bullshit me for 5 minutes re: movies he could put me in, then asked the assistant to excuse us. As she walked away, he said, “I know you were feeling what I was feeling when we met the other night” and then regaled me with offers of a lavish life filled with trips around the world on private planes etc. IF I would be his girlfriend. Or, “We could just keep this professional.” All I knew was not to offend this very powerful man and to get out of the situation as quickly as possible.

Actress Angie Everhart said Weinstein masturbated in front of her to completion. (KLOS)

“I went to the Venice Film Festival and I was on somebody’s boat, and I had just arrived, and I was sleeping. It was in my bed, and you know boats aren’t very big spaces sometimes. And I wake up, and Harvey is standing above my bed. That alone is frightening ... All of a sudden he takes his pants down, and starts doing his stuff. And he’s blocking the door, I can’t get out … I don’t know how to say this on the radio, but [he] finishes on the carpet on the floor.”

Actress Eva Green said that she had to “push him off” at a meeting. (Variety)

“I wish to address comments made by my mother in a recent interview regarding Harvey Weinstein. I met him for a business meeting in Paris where he behaved inappropriately and I had to push him off. I got away without it going further, but the experience left me shocked and disgusted.”

On Friday the 13th, Green’s mother Marlene Jobert said in a radio interview that Weinstein “threatened to destroy her professionally”:

“He operated with her the exact same way he acted with all the others, under the pretext of a professional meeting, of a script that had to get to her with a nice part into the bargain...

“Since his office was also in his hotel suite, [Eva] followed him, and the exact same thing happened to her as to the others. She managed to escape, but he threatened to destroy her professionally.”

British actress Lysette Anthony has told the London Metropolitan police that in the 1980s, Harvey Weinstein stalked her and raped her in her home. (The Sunday Times) 

“In her account, published for the first time today by The Sunday Times, she claims that she became friendly with Weinstein after meeting him in New York. But everything changed when she met him for a drink at his rented home in Chelsea a few years later. ‘The next thing I knew he was half undressed and he grabbed me,’ she said.

‘It was the last thing I expected and I fled. That was when the predatory stalking began.’

One day he turned up at her flat at about 10am: ‘He pushed me inside and rammed me up against the coat rack . . . He was trying to kiss me and shove inside me.’ She pushed him away but he was too heavy: ‘Finally I just gave up.’

‘As he ground himself against me and shoved inside me, I kept my eyes shut tight, held my breath and just let him get on with it...

‘He came over my leg like a dog and then left. It was pathetic, revolting...I remember lying in the bath, crying.’

Following Anthony’s interview, a second unnamed woman reported serial assaults in 2010, 2011, and 2015 to the London police, and a third anonymous woman came forward with allegations of assault in 1992. (CNN)

An unnamed former Miramax employee said that 25 years ago, Weinstein raped her in the basement of Miramax’s London mansion, in a bedroom for visiting employees. (The Daily Mail)  

‘He grabbed me and he was so big and powerful. He just ripped my clothes away and pushed me, threw me down.

‘Then… I kept shouting, ‘No! Stop!’ and tried to push him off. But he forced himself on me.

‘And I remember, this is the one thing I remember most clearly: I thought, I have to keep saying ‘No!’ I was very aware that if a woman says no, it means no.

‘And that was the one thing going through my mind throughout, ‘No, no, no, no!’ It was over very quickly and then he just said, ‘Get out!’

‘I remember walking home that night and it was cold and sodden. I was mortified and ashamed. I didn’t tell anyone.

Actress Louisette Geiss said Weinstein asked her to watch him masturbate. (NY Daily News)

“He returned in nothing but a robe with the front open, and he was buck naked. When I finished my pitch, I was obviously nervous, and he just kept asking me to watch him masturbate...“He quickly got out of the tub and grabbed my forearm as I was trying to grab my purse. He led me to his bathroom, pleading that I just watch him masturbate. My heart was racing and I was very scared.”

Paula Wachowiak, a former intern for Weinstein, said he exposed himself to her and requested a massage. (Buffalo News)

Wachowiak said Weinstein took the folder and dropped the towel. He was naked. She said she kept her eyes on his face, in the email.

“He sat on the bed with the folder over his groin and pointed to checks and asked me why we were paying for this or that. There was one check for break-away glass that was very expensive and I had to explain how difficult it was to transport,” she recounted.

Then Weinstein began complaining about having a kink in his shoulder and asked for a massage, Wachowiak said.

Canadian actress Lauren Holly said Weinstein approached her while naked during a hotel meeting. (The Loop)

“He told me I looked stressed. He said that maybe he thought I could use a massage. Maybe I could give him a massage. I began sort of babbling like I was a child. I think it was fear. I said, ‘I don’t know how to give a massage, I don’t have a massage license. Maybe if I called the front desk I could get a masseuse to come here.’ I didn’t know what to do, honestly. And then he began to get angry. And I began to get really afraid to be honest. I had to get out of there.”

Actress Lena Headey recalled Weinstein making a suggestive gesture the first time she met him. (Twitter)

Actress Marisa Coughlan said Weinstein propositioned her and asked if she wanted to be one of his “special friends.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Coughlan laughs recalling her earnest preparation for the meeting: She brought a notebook filled with ideas of projects they could do and roles she was interested in taking on. Weinstein talked about F. Scott Fitzgerald, his favorite films and suggested she read The Last Tycoon. He also said that Miramax had a film in development and “he wanted me to be the lead in that.”

Then came a proposition. “He told me that he has a lot of ‘special friends’ and they give each other massages,” Coughlan states. “It was a full-court press. He wanted me to be one of his ‘special friends’ and go into the bedroom. I told him that I had a serious boyfriend and reminded him that he was married and that we should keep this professional. I was so blindsided. Not one ounce of me anticipated it. It was the weirdest meeting I’ve ever had in my life.”

Actress Lupita Nyong’o said Weinstein invited her to his home, then asked if he could give her a massage while his kids were in the other room. Later, he propositioned her again, asking her to join him in a “private room.” (NYT)

“Before the starters arrived, he announced: “Let’s cut to the chase. I have a private room upstairs where we can have the rest of our meal.” I was stunned. I told him I preferred to eat in the restaurant. He told me not to be so naïve. If I wanted to be an actress, then I had to be willing to do this sort of thing. He said he had dated Famous Actress X and Y and look where that had gotten them.”

Actress Sean Young said Weinstein once exposed himself to her. (The Hollywood Reporter)

“My basic response was, ‘You know, Harvey, I really don’t think you should be pulling that thing out, it’s not very pretty,’” Young said. “And then leaving, and then never having another meeting with that guy again, because it was like, ‘What on earth?’”

Actress Heather Kerr said Weinstein forced her to touch his penis during a private meeting. (Variety)

“He asked me if I was good,” Kerr said. “I started to tell him about my training and acting experience and he said, ‘No. I need to know if you’re good.’ He said if he was going to introduce me around town, he needed to know if I was ‘good.’ He kept repeating that word.”

Kerr, who appeared on “Facts of Life” and “Mama’s Family,” said, while she was sitting on a couch with Weinstein, he unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis, grabbed her hand, forced it onto his organ, and held it there.

An Italian model-actress reportedly met with Los Angeles detectives with sexual assault allegations from an incident in a hotel in 2013. (Los Angeles Times)

Former Brazilian model Juliana De Paula says that Weinstein groped her and forced her to kiss other models in his New York loft. (Los Angeles Times)

When she tried to leave, she said, he chased her through the apartment, naked. She fended him off with a broken glass.

“He looked at me and he started to laugh,” she recalled. “I was shocked. I was completely in disbelief.”

Italian model Samantha Panagrosso said Weinstein touched her legs in a swimming pool at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival (Los Angeles Times)

When Weinstein began touching her legs under the water at a hotel pool and she rebuffed him, he pointed at another model, she recalled in an interview with The Times. “Look at her, I’m going to have her come to my room for a screen test,” she said Weinstein told her.

When Panagrosso told friends about his continuing advances, she said, they laughed it off: “Sam, don’t be so naïve, you know Harvey can make you a star.”

Australian model Zoë Brock claims that Weinstein took her to an isolated hotel and gave her a “massage” before she ran for the bathroom (Los Angeles Times)

When she finally made her way back to the yacht where she was staying around 5:30 a.m., she said, she felt — and looked — like “a whore.”

“I was wearing yesterday’s dress, with yesterday’s makeup, and messed hair,” she said. “Having to crawl back into the boat looking like that made me look like the sort of person who would have slept with Harvey Weinstein to further my career. And I am not that person.”

A former employee claims that the pool of aspiring models featured on Project Runway was designed as a trough for Weinstein. (Los Angeles Times)

Fearful of Weinstein’s reaction — because the show featured designers with sewing machines and not models — the producers figured they needed to amp up the participation of beautiful women. The producers concocted an awkward competition within the show that allowed designers to pick the model they found most appealing, which resulted in aspiring models, occasionally in tears, being dismissed.

“That was designed as a vestigial element for Harvey,” the television executive said.

Actress Brit Marling says Weinstein suggested they shower together during a meeting in a hotel room. (The Atlantic)

I, too, went to the meeting thinking that perhaps my entire life was about to change for the better. I, too, was asked to meet him in a hotel bar. I, too, met a young, female assistant there who said the meeting had been moved upstairs to his suite because he was a very busy man. I, too, felt my guard go up but was calmed by the presence of another woman my age beside me. I, too, felt terror in the pit of my stomach when that young woman left the room and I was suddenly alone with him. I, too, was asked if I wanted a massage, champagne, strawberries. I, too, sat in that chair paralyzed by mounting fear when he suggested we shower together. What could I do? How not to offend this man, this gatekeeper, who could anoint or destroy me?

It was clear that there was only one direction he wanted this encounter to go in, and that was sex or some version of an erotic exchange. I was able to gather myself together—a bundle of firing nerves, hands trembling, voice lost in my throat—and leave the room.

A former Weinstein assistant described repeated instances of sexual harassment and said, “I often had to wake him up in the hotel in the mornings and he would try to pull me into bed.” (Financial Times)

Norwegian actress Natassia Malthe said Weinstein sexually assaulted her in her hotel room in 2008. (Deadline)

“When I opened the door, he barged into the room,” and, she said, after she made it clear she did not want to have any kind of sexual relationship with him, he assaulted her against her will.

“I played dead” during the assault, she said. “Afterwards, I laid there in complete disgust.” Asked if the London attack fit the definition of rape, Allred said it qualified as sexual assault that involved non-consensual penetration.

Annabella Sciorra of The Sopranos says that she still sleeps with a baseball bat near her bed since Weinstein raped her in her apartment over 20 years ago. (The New Yorker)

Weinstein, she continued, “walked in like it was his apartment, like he owned the place, and started unbuttoning his shirt. So it was very clear where he thought this was going to go. And I was in a nightgown. I didn’t have much on.” He circled the apartment; to Sciorra, it appeared that he was checking whether anyone else was there.


“He shoved me onto the bed, and he got on top of me.” Sciorra struggled. “I kicked and I yelled,” she said, but Weinstein locked her arms over her head with one hand and forced sexual intercourse on her. “When he was done, he ejaculated on my leg, and on my nightgown.” It was a family heirloom, handed down from relatives in Italy and embroidered in white cotton. “He said, ‘I have impeccable timing,’ and then he said, ‘This is for you.’ ” Sciorra paused. “And then he attempted to perform oral sex on me. And I struggled, but I had very little strength left in me.” Sciorra said that her body started to shake violently. “I think, in a way, that’s what made him leave, because it looked like I was having a seizure or something.”

Sciorra alleges that years later, he showed up at her hotel room in his underwear “holding a bottle of baby oil in one hand and a tape, a movie, in the other.” She called room service to save her.

Daryl Hannah says that Weinstein pounded on her hotel room door multiple times, once so loudly that once she barricaded it with furniture. Years later, he entered her room unannounced. (The New Yorker)

“He had a key,” Hannah recalled. “He came through the living room and into the bedroom. He just burst in like a raging bull. And I know with every fibre of my being that if my male makeup artist [Steeve Daviault] was not in that room, things would not have gone well. It was scary.”

Actress Cynthia Burr says Weinstein forced her to perform oral sex on him in a hallway in the late ’70s. (The New York Times)

“It was just him and me alone,” she said. “I was fearful I didn’t have the wherewithal to get away.”

It was the late 1970s, and Ms. Burr was an actress in her early 20s. Mr. Weinstein was in his mid-20s and a “real up-and-comer,” Ms. Burr remembers. Her manager said they should meet.

After the encounter, she recalls feeling ashamed. “The way he forced me made me feel really bad about myself,” she said. “What are you going to do when you are a girl just trying to make it as an actress? Nobody would have believed me.”

Hope Exiner d’Amore, a former employee of Weinstein’s concert promotion company in the late ’70s, says he raped her in a hotel room. (The New York Times)

“I told him no. I kept pushing him away. He just wouldn’t listen,” Ms. Exiner d’Amore said. “He just forced himself on me.” She said he forcibly performed oral sex and intercourse on her.

She did not tell her boyfriend, feeling ashamed, but she did confide in her next-door neighbors in Buffalo. She did not specifically say she was raped, but the couple, David and Irene Sipos, told The Times that they remembered her being extremely upset and crying when she told them about Mr. Weinstein and the hotel room.

Dancer Ashley Matthau says forced himself on top of her in a hotel room and masturbated. (The New York Times)

“‘Don’t worry,’” Ms. Matthau, now 36, remembers him saying as they sat in the back seat. “‘Nothing is going to happen. We’re just going to discuss future projects.’”

She said they went to his hotel room, where talk quickly became sexual: Mr. Weinstein told her that he had helped launch the careers of high-profile actresses who had slept with him, and that she should consider doing the same. When she declined, Mr. Weinstein pushed her onto the bed and fondled her breasts, she said. He then stripped, straddled her and masturbated on top of her.

“I kept telling him, ‘Stop, I’m engaged,’ but he kept saying: ‘It’s just a little cuddling. It’s not a problem. It’s not like we’re having sex.’”

Lacey Dorn says Weinstein groped her at a party in 2011. (The New York Times)

“Great meeting you,” he wrote in the subject line of an otherwise blank email sent to her at 12:26 a.m.

On her way out of the party, Ms. Dorn said goodbye to Mr. Weinstein. As she turned her back to him, he grabbed between her legs, touching her buttocks and crotch through her clothes.

“I was so naïve, I didn’t say anything. And he didn’t say anything either,” she said. “I just got out of the party as fast as possible.”

Actress Paz de la Huerta says Weinstein raped her twice in 2010. (Vanity Fair)

In de la Huerta’s account of the night, Weinstein arrived at her apartment demanding to come inside and have a drink. “Things got very uncomfortable very fast,” the actress, now 33, told Vanity Fair in a phone interview on Wednesday.

“Immediately when we got inside the house, he started to kiss me and I kind of brushed [him] away,” de la Huerta said. “Then he pushed me onto the bed and his pants were down and he lifted up my skirt. I felt afraid. . . . It wasn’t consensual . . . It happened very quickly. . . . He stuck himself inside me. . . . When he was done he said he’d be calling me. I kind of just laid on the bed in shock.”

An unnamed female film executive in London has filed a civil suit alleging Weinstein sexually assaulted her. (via Deadline)

The civil claim has been made against Weinstein as well as The Weinstein Company and The Weinstein Company UK and has been filed as damages for personal injury, expenses, consequential loss including aggravated and exemplary damages and interest arising out of a series of sexual assaults inflicted on the claimant by the defendant.

Actress Kadian Noble filed a federal lawsuit against Weinstein under sex trafficking laws, alleging that he lured her to a hotel room in Cannes were he assaulted her. (Variety)

Kadian Noble alleges that Weinstein invited her to his room at the Le Majestic Hotel in Cannes in February 2014, on the pretense of casting her in a movie. Once there, she alleges that Weinstein started massaging her and then groped her breasts and buttocks. According to the suit, Weinstein then trapped her in the bathroom and forced her to masturbate him until he ejaculated on the floor.

During the act, Weinstein allegedly told her, “everything will be taken care of for you if you relax.”