Since Initial Sexual Harassment Report, 193 More Women Have Come Forward to Discuss Director James Toback

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On Sunday, Los Angeles Times reporter Glenn Whipp published a story outlining the alleged predatory behavior of director James Toback, who supposedly lured 38 women with promises of career connections, then assaulted them. Since then, Whipp says he’s been contacted by an additional 193 women alleging similar behavior

In the Los Angeles Times article, Whipp writes that Toback would promise that he was interested in working with some young woman he approached in the park, at a restaurant or some other public place. He’d then invite them to a hotel room or some other private place for a meeting, ask them increasingly sexual questions, and eventually masturbate.


Actress Chantal Cousineau told Whipp that Toback once allegedly masturbated on set while watching her as she rehearsed a monologue. She was 19 at the time.

Toback has denied that he is even medically capable of such an act, but according to a tweet from Whipp, a whole lot of women disagree:


Whipp has also tweeted that law enforcement is “getting involved” with Toback’s case:


Toback’s behavior was widely rumored before exposés on Harvey Weinstein’s decades of abuse opened up the opportunity for more women to come forward about their own abusers in Hollywood.

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