Is That Guy Rihanna Was Making Out With the Reason For Her Possible Feud With Naomi Campbell?

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Way back in March, Jezebel’s Rich Juzwiak reported that “something [was] going on between Naomi Campbell and Rihanna.” The observation was based on an episode of Watch What Happens Live! during which it was pointed out by a caller that the two stars had unfollowed each other on Instagram. When asked for comment, Campbell said, simply, “Everything’s fine.” No one believed her, but no one had any details, either. That is, until yesterday.


When TMZ published photos of Rihanna making out with an anonymous man in a pool/hot tub in Spain, the internet suddenly became hellbent on figuring out who he was. And while we still don’t have a confirmed name, we do have this:

So, is this man the reason their friendship allegedly disintegrated? Or are we all trying just a little bit too hard?

UPDATE: We have a name! Page Six reports the object of Rihanna’s (and potentially Campbell’s) affection is Hassan Jameel, whom they describe as a “Saudi businessman from one the richest families in the world.” A source claims their relationship is “the real deal.” Classic.


And now for something entirely different: Ramona Singer had a “meltdown” in the Hamptons last weekend while confronting publicist Anna Rothschild. Singer claims Rothschild released “private information on [her] then-marriage and family,” and that the dump of info ultimately led to their divorce.


Reports Page Six:

...witnesses said Ramona — who divorced Mario last year — “had a meltdown” and “screamed” at Rothschild, saying she was “evil, horrible . . . you broke up my family.”

Rothschild responded, “Your husband was the one who left you and broke up your family.”


I love summer gossip!

[Page Six]

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