Something Is Going on Between Naomi Campbell and Rihanna

Image via screengrab.

Perhaps today isn’t the day to even acknowledge the existence of disharmony between women, buuuut this happened last night and if I tell you about it tomorrow you’ll be like, “That’s old, who cares.” Also, I think this is just a good performance of saying everything by saying nothing from Naomi Campbell, so look, there’s my support and allyship for yet another woman’s cause.


On last night’s Watch What Happens Live, a viewer tweeted in that she’d noticed Naomi Campbell and Rihanna unfollowed each other on Instagram. As Andy Cohen was reading the question, it was clear that this was no slip of the finger: Campbell sat tensely and blinked pointedly in a makeshift Morse code of confirmation (see gif above).

“No social media pics or communication either. Is everything OK between the two of them?” Cohen finished reading. And then Campbell unleashed an icily saccharine, “Everything’s fine.” This answer was painstakingly crafted to deflect while leaving a residue of doubt as to the veracity of those very words. Everything’s fine, except this response, which was perfect.

“Of course it’s fine,” Campbell continued, grinning like the cat that ate the canary, which come to think of it looks like the supermodel model that ate the pop star. “I’m an actress now, Andy.”

For your reference, here is a rendering of happier times in the Campbell/Rihanna alliance:


Cohen said he was trying to think what the beef could be about. Bad move, manthinker.

“I don’t have beef,” retorted Campbell. “I don’t have beef, ‘specially with black women that I think are powerful and out there. We’re all in the same thing, doing the same struggle.”


So see? That turned out to be uplifting.

Also on last night’s WHHL, fellow guest RuPaul told a story about performing at Aretha Franklin’s birthday party in 1995 and when he received a check for his payment, Ree Ree had made out to “Ruth Paul.” Oh, Aretha!

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