Is Ramona An Alcoholic?

Ramona Singer's wine consumption has been a major plot line throughout this entire season of Real Housewives of New York, which was her own doing, as she was heavily promoting her own brand of Ramona Pinot Grigio in nearly every episode. Some of the cast members who don't particularly like her—Kelly, LuAnn, Cindy and especially Jill—used her on-camera drinking as a chance to suggest that she has a problem with alcohol. They repeatedly mentioned "Turtle Time" as something that Ramona should be ashamed of, as though it wasn't one of the best things to happen on reality TV ever. Besides, if they really did think that Ramona were an alcoholic, wouldn't it be much more appropriate for them to confront her, or perhaps one of the producers, with their concerns so that she actually could get help, instead of implying it on camera or in their blogs?

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Alex is so quick to defend Ramona that she actually said there is no such thing as functioning alcoholics? Lady, you need to meet some of my relatives.

I'm pretty sick of all of them. I think Neil Patrick Harris was right; dump 'em all and start over again with a new cast.