Inside Justin Bieber's Successful Pivot to the Hotel Slipper Industry

Image: via Getty

Justin Bieber was always meant to sell hotel slippers—of this, I am certain. And so it is with little surprise that I learned today that a) earlier this week, Bieber debuted a line of said slippers and b) the slippers proved so popular they are already sold out. All of this, of course, makes perfect sense.

The slipper story is thus: on Wednesday, Bieber posted a photo on Instagram of his feet inside a pair of hotel slippers emblazoned with the emblem for his new apparel line, Drew House. Here are the slippers and feet:


Interested parties could purchase said slippers on Drew House’s website for $4.99, an absolute steal for such iconic footwear. Plush lightweight coral fleece! Comfortable padding! Foam soles! The promise of running into Mr. Hailey Baldwin at a gas station or beef jerky factory, and matching!

Unfortunately, it appears too many people wanted this specific dream to become a reality, and now the slippers are sold out. Will there be more? WILL THERE BE MORE? Justin! Hailey! Oscar! Drew! Canada! Help!

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