Congratulations to the Biebers, Now Blessed With a Dogson

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There comes a time in many a young couple’s life in which they must decide whether they’re ready to raise new life. It appears that time has come for the Biebers, i.e. Justin and Hailey, who have recently adopted a puppy. Congratulations to the Biebers, and maybe to the puppy, though I am not optimistic.


Mr. Bieber introduced dogson Oscar Bieber to the world via Instagram on Saturday. He is objectively extremely cute!

According to Billboard, both Biebers spent the weekend posting dog activities to their Instagram stories, a fact I can confirm because I have watched several of these videos at least fifteen times. The dog has a very cute nose and looks like a tiny bear. I like him very much.

It is unclear whether the Biebers, who have been enjoying the warm embrace of wedded bliss for nearly three months now, plan to bestow upon Oscar a human brother or sister—last month, Mrs. Bieber told Vogue Arabia that though she did want to have lots of little Biebers in the future, she wasn’t ready to do so “any time soon,” which, TBH, sounds like it’s for the best at the moment.

Either way, it sounds like the Biebers are having a very nice time in Canada, where they’ve been living for the last couple of months. Canada has health insurance! Does it also have health insurance for dogs? I hope so!



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If they were planning to name it Oscar Bieber, I wish they’d gone with a wiener dog...

🎵 Oh I wish I were an Oscar Bieber wiener...