I Had to Wonder...What the Heck Would Caitlyn Jenner Do in the Sex and the City Reboot?

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Rumor has it Caitlyn Jenner is being considered for a cameo in the new HBO Sex and the City reboot because producers are looking for new and recognizable faces for the series and because they’re hoping to fix the original series’ horrible treatment of marginalized characters. And by “characters” I mean extras—non-white, non-cis people barely exist in the show otherwise.

As far as trans characters go, the only notable instance in which any appear is in an episode where Samantha commits a literal hate crime against them, pouring water on a group of trans sex workers on her block.

According to the Mirror, the producers are trying to make the reboot “as diverse as possible” to make amends for scenes like this one, and for its almost exclusively white cast. Enter Caitlyn Jenner, apparently.


“Caitlyn has been a media fixture in one way or another for going on 50 years,” a supposed “insider” told the outlet. “She’s really perfect for an appearance.”

It’s a random choice, to be sure, and a hollow gesture if the show’s primary reason to include Jenner is to vaguely nod at “inclusion.” Would Jenner appear as herself? As a friend? Or as just another extra whose role it is to make a witty remark? I guess we’ll (maybe) see!

And in a kitchen across the pond...

Elizabeth Hurley has gone full tradwife. (Minus the anti-feminist politics.)

On Sunday, the model and actress posted a photo to Instagram announcing that she’s pivoted hard to domesticity under quarantine in the UK—where covid restrictions are quite stringent right now—and taken up jam-making.


“Lockdown has turned me into a demented housewife,” Hurley wrote in the caption. “47 jars of marmalade nestling in my larder with more Seville oranges awaiting me.”


Jam-making seems like a far more enjoyable lockdown activity than, say, doing puzzles. Carry on, Liz!

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Brick HardMeat

Maybe they can have Jenner kill someone with her car on her way to a Trump rally and they can all have a laugh about it.