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I Guess Paris Hilton Is Gonna Have a Reality Show Again

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

The fashion cycle that brought back boot cut jeans, chokers, and Juicy Couture has paved the way for Paris Hilton’s reality TV comeback.


Paris Hilton is famous for many things, though not for inventing the selfie. Her show The Simple Life, with Nicole Ritchie, made many people who were otherwise completely disinterested in her, painfully aware of her. There was a brief period when the world was experiencing Paris fatigue, and she retreated from the limelight to casually enjoy Burning Man. InStyle reports that this wasn’t her retirement, it was just a recharge so she can really tazer the crap out of us with a new show.

In couple tweets on Wednesday, Paris announced that not only will she be on television again, we will also be listening to her music, smelling her fragrance, and probably living in her modular residential pods:


Paris has tried the revival of her reality TV show life before with a show on Oxygen that aired for one season, The World According to Paris in 2011. Obviously, the nostalgia train hadn’t quite left the station six years ago. We may all be ready for something as shiny and distracting now, but don’t get too excited. An unflinching documentary about Paris was promised in May of 2016, and though I have kept my eyes wide open, I’ve seen not a frame of it. Please follow through, Paris. The world is finally ready.

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“Stars are Blind” is a good song.