Huge: Eating Disorders, Ribs And Recovery

Last night on Huge — the ABC Family show set at a fat camp, from the creator of My So-Called Life — we found out that the camp director is recovering from an eating disorder.

Dr. Rand revealed to her date, Wayne, that she's about to celebrate 7 years of "abstinence" after being a compulsive overeater. It was strange yet fitting that they discussed her problem over a bucket of ribs. Dates are almost always food-oriented, so getting involved with someone who has (or is recovering from) an eating disorder can be full of complications. But Dr. Rand's date, Wayne, seems up for it; after going to her 12-step meeting with her, he told her he wanted to get to know her better.

Meanwhile, some of the campers were getting drunk in the woods. During a game of truth or dare, Piznarski was challenged to kiss a dude, and picked Alastair — who knew nothing of the game, and was basically pranked and embarrassed in front of his sister and her friends. Later, Alastair told a friend that the prank kiss was also his first kiss.


This episode also touched on drinking problems, hooking up with someone too old for you, girl-on-girl kissing for the delight of boys and reading runes. The network only ordered 10 episodes of the show, so it's winding down, but each time I watch, I'm impressed. Instead of focusing on weight as a burden, like The Biggest Loser, or playing fat for laughs, like Dance Your Ass Off, this scripted drama manages to touch on the truth about those considered overweight: They're human. With hopes and fears and dreams and experiences, many of which have nothing to do with a scale.

Huge [ABC Family]

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I don't know. I have a really hard time imagining that Amber is *that* much younger than the counselor for something to be wrong with their relationship. I mean there must be since Will said something about it but I just don't see any of them as looking super young (except maybe Alistair of Beca). He looks the same age as Amber (and he probably is). Their real ages are making it hard for me to follow the storyline as it should be followed. And I swear Amber sleep in makeup and wakes up with good hair.

I am slowly but surely starting to hate Chloe. Especially since her brother is my favorite character and he is nothing but sweet. I guess I could see her reasoning about the twin thing and having to share everything, etc.