Finding Humor In Swimsuits & Love Handles

It's impressive how much gets packed into this show: Lying, cheating, stealing, nice guys, guys who are no good, jealousy, toxic friendships, keeping up appearances, managing expectations. But some of the best moments are the quick hits, the one-liners.

Case in point: "It's so different walking around in bathing suits here. It's like no big thing." Because despite what 90210 and other shows depict, not every American teenage girl is svelte and frolicking in a bikini. One-pieces do exist! One line acknowledges the awkwardness, the pressure, the eyes on you, the expectations. And also: Demonstrates how Camp Victory offers a totally new perspective for the campers.

Another heartbreaking one-liner: "Sometimes I can't even comprehend this is what I really look like."

But it's not all teen angst all the time! This show continues to be super funny: The campers watch a promo for Love Handles ā€” a thinly veiled nod to More To Love. You remember: The Fatchelor?


Last, but not least: Three words. Baby. Got. Back.

Did anyone notice this?

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