As more and more opinions on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy are being collected, it has now reached past the world of entertainment and into politics. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke her thoughts regarding the Academy’s overwhelming whiteness and this year’s lack of nominees of color. “I think it is overdue, but the Academy announced that they are going to be making some changes, as they should,” Clinton said.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Clinton was asked about the Academy’s diversity problem during an interview with “Just think of the great films that really display not just the diversity of America, but the diversity of the human experience,” Clinton continued. “The Academy has to catch up with our reality and I am encouraging them—as I know so many others are—to really move as quickly as they can to make those changes.”

Last week, the Academy held an emergency meeting to restructure their membership process in an effort to tackle the issue. Some of the new changes include a global campaign to recruit new members who will add greater diversity while inactive members of the film industry will have voting privileges revoked.

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