HGTV Gives Lance Bass a Job So He'll Quit Whining About the Brady Bunch House

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If there’s one celebrity gossip niche I truly appreciate, it’s Stars Wanting Real Estate They Can’t Have. (Yes, I am thinking specifically of Katy Perry’s years-long crusade to live in a convent.) And while the scale of Lance Bass’s battle with HGTV to buy the the Brady Bunch house is much smaller (no nuns died in the process, for example), it’s still always nice to report a happy ending where there is one.


To get everyone up to date: Back in 2018, Lance thought he’d purchased the North Hollywood home whose exterior was featured on the show. This was extremely exciting news for Bass, and he deemed ownership of the famous house “a fun project.”

But just one day later, Bass’s elation was crushed by HGTV, who rode in on a giant pile of money and stole the house from under him. Suddenly, owning the house was not just a “fun project;” it was “a dream come true,” and now, he was “heartbroken.”

The sound of Bass’s disconsolate sobs must have been keeping HGTV execs up at night (I mean this literally, Lance is a very loud sobber; his shrieks were reverberating around Laurel Canyon and upsetting Charlize Theron’s dogs) because now, it’s confirmed that he’ll have a production role on the show. According to People:

“The fans came to my rescue. They saw how hosed I got,” he said while attending the iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas last month, referring to the real estate loss. “They forced HGTV’s hand to get me involved.”

It’s not yet known what Lance’s role will be, but maybe it’s the kind where they give you a chair with your name on it placed very, very far from the actual set. Or maybe it will be explaining to upset neighbors that it’s okay that their lives are being ruined by the constant din of construction and gawking tourists, because he is smiling again, and his happiness is the most important thing of all.



Maybe not the best word choice to say a gay man is "whining" about a pretty standard thing to be justifiably upset about...