Nun Dies in Courtroom Amidst Katy Perry Convent Battle

Photo: Sister Catherine Rose Holzman (Stand With the Sisters)

Tragedy enters the ages-old “Katy Perry wants to live in a convent” story. Since literally the beginning of time in 2014, Katy Perry has been fueling a legal imbroglio with her ferocious desire to turn a nearly century-old former convent into a resplendent property, against nuns who do not want her to. The Los Angeles archbishop, who has promised Perry the 8-acre Gothic-influenced structure in a $14.5 million good faith in cash deal, argues that the nuns did not have the authority to sell it. They did anyway, to restauranteur Dana Hollister for $15.5 million, on principle that restauranteurs don’t make their money flying around on a shooting star at the Super Bowl.

“I thought, is that a way to make money?” Sister Rita asked the Los Angeles Times of Katy Perry’s Super Bowl 2015 performance. “Maybe I could fly around. I could be the flying nun.”


Instead the Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary have been making the case that this story represents not just Katy Perry’s whims to do whatever she wants to do in there, but about the historic marginalization of Catholic nuns, who will not be made squatters. From their site:

Our Sisters were supposed to live for the rest of our lives at our beloved Convent. But, against our will, the Archdiocese removed us to “monetize” our property. Katy Perry wants it and she has no concern for the terrible path of destruction she is creating to get it. She is deeply hurting us and our friends who have stepped up to help us.

A judge ruled in 2017 that the Sisters do not have the authority to sell the property; Hollister and the nuns have asked the Vatican to intervene; it looks likely that Katy Perry will get her convent.

Yesterday, 89-year-old Sister Catherine Rose Holzman collapsed in the courtroom and was pronounced dead. Rest in peace.



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