The Heartbreaking Timeline of Lance Bass's Failed Attempt to Buy The Brady Bunch House

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Lance Bass wanted to buy the house from The Brady Bunch and thought he had bought the house from The Brady Bunch, but it turns out he did not buy the house from The Brady Bunch.

This is the timeline of that heartbreaking story, step by painful step.


Bass announces that he has made an offer on the house from The Brady Bunch and that the offer has been accepted.



Bass has the following playful exchange with Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia (Marcia, Marcia!) on the show, about his offer on the house from The Brady Bunch being accepted.

The world was changing, the floor slowly shifting beneath his feet, but Bass doesn’t know it yet.



The dream dies. “How can I compete with a billion dollar corporate entity?” he asks.



A country adjusts to a new reality.


I pray that life shields you from such disappointments.

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I mean, it does suck, right? Like, that’s a shady practice and if any of us were bidding on a normal house and/or condo and/or leaving a deposit for a box on the street, we’d be pretty pissed if the seller was like “nope, sorry, BigBox came and they want to buy the box and I’m going to sell it to them.”

Point is, Lance Bass gets shit on a lot, it seems like, and maybe just this once we could not shit on him and feel some sympathy instead?