Here's 'Teen Mom' Farrah on an Episode of 'Dr. Phil' You Won't See

Coverage of the manhunt for Boston bombings suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev has preempted everything on network television today, including this Dr. Phil episode that was to feature former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham and her mom Debra. They were going to talk about Farrah's recent DUI (she says she shouldn't have been arrested because she didn't want to drive drunk—she had to drive drunk) and her botched attempt at leaking a "sex tape."


Sadly, we won't get to see the full hour of Dr. Phil yelling his homespun wisdom at the single mom. ("You'd argue with a fence post," is as close as we'll get.) But we do have this clip in which Farrah demonstrates that her will far outweighs her wit.

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RaisedByHeathens Orange Meanie-Pants

So, I hate Dr. Phil, but damn if some of his advice isn't brilliant for your thicker friends. After the umpteen millionth time of giving the same friend the same advice about the same douchebag who keeps pulling the same bullshit I just stopped, ordered two more vodka tonics and asked her- "what are you getting out of it? Because you are getting rewarded by this behaviour somehow- you are getting something by letting him walk all over you like this" I saw it on a Dr. Phil in a waiting room at my OBGYN's a few weeks ago.

Damned if it didn't work.