Has Lindsay Lohan Converted to Islam or What?

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I am not one hundred percent sure who to believe here, but this seems not entirely implausible, maybe: Lindsay Lohan has maybe, quite possibly, but probably not converted to Islam.

“LINDSAY LOHAN MAY HAVE CONVERTED TO ISLAM. BECAUSE OF COURSE” blares a headline from the Daily Beast, pointing to some curious evidence via LiLo’s Instagram account, which up until this weekend was full of the usual detritus of an A-list celebrity turned C(ish)-list. Instead of a heady mix of #sponcon and photos shot from the prow of a yacht in Corfu, the entire page has been scrubbed and her Instagram bio now reads “Alaikum salam,” an Arab greeting that translates to “and unto you peace.”

This curious move by La Lohan (as well as this bit that mentions how she’s learning about Islam and reading the Quran) is enough to cause rampant speculation that she is well on her way to converting to Islam. The Daily Beast also points out that in recent months, she’s shown a growing interest in Turkey and has also adopted a curious accent that still delights me to no end. Is she doing it? Is she converting? Has she taken time from writing her Mean Girls 2 treatment to explore something entirely different?


According to Gossip Cop, probably not. She’s “taking a break from social media,” confirmed from the next best thing to the real deal, her mother Dina. One of Lohan’s own reps reiterated the statement, saying “She has not converted [to Islam].”

Glad we got that sorted, then!

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Who’s the hardest working person you know? Is it a 23-year old? Is it your mom? Is it the people who work at the place where you drop off your laundry? Is it your mail person? The one who gives you java? The man behind the counter at the chopped salad place that you frequent more often than you’d like but can’t stop, won’t stop, because their salads are really, really good? Is it Ariana Grande?

This is a picture of Ariana Grande, a Famous who certainly works hard, but isn’t necessarily the “hardest working 23 year old human being on earth.” There is a difference, you see, between working hard and being the “hardest working” person “on earth.” It is this difference — negligible, really! —that caught heat from a wide swath of people, according to Page Six, who readily admits that she was likely “speaking in hyperbole,” but that didn’t stop the masses from rending their garments and gnashing their teeth in the comments.


[Page Six]

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what ariana meant, and i hate that i’m always being forced to be the voice of a generation or pervy ursines up in here, is this:

walking out the door today, sans top pony, is the hardest thing i’ve done in 23 years. #weareallchampionsbutmostlyme