Hailee Steinfeld and Taylor Swift Are Maybe Sorta Not That Close

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Mere weeks after Kim Kardashian unfurled the three foot long CVS receipt that put one Taylor Alison Swift on notice, it seems that the members of her nebulous and all-encompassing #squad are finding the strength to emerge from the shadows and speak their collective truths.


US Weekly revealed that tertiary squad member Hailee Steinfeld told Seventeen that while appearances would indicate that she and La Swift are super best friends, the truth of the matter is that their friendship isn’t as deep as one might think.

“I think people think we spend a lot more time together than we actually do!” Steinfeld said, realizing that now would probably the the right time to clear the air on this tiny matter. For those of you keeping track, Steinfeld was one of the many famous and famous-adjacent faces in the “Bad Blood” video, leading many to assume that they were pals beyond the occasional red carpet appearance — basically the famous person’s equivalent of seeing your college nemesis every couple of months on the train on your way to work.

Don’t get it twisted. “She’s awesome, though!” Steinfeld said immediately following the previous statement, just to cover her ass. I’m sure she is, Hailee. I’m sure she is.

[Us Weekly]

Speaking of Taylor Swift, please draw your attention to this video depicting her foolproof method of evading the long and far-reaching lenses of the paparazzi as she moves from the gym to a waiting SUV.

While I’m sure that having a zillion cameras all up in your face every single day, snapping their shutters like so many cicadas beating their wings must be a very bad way to live, wouldn’t you think that it would almost draw less attention if one were to just walk the 20 feet from the gym to the car like a normal human?Maybe! Just saying.

[The Cut]

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Here is Taylor making her way to her SUV from another angle.