Goops! Gwyneth Breaks 'Food Bank Challenge' With a Fancy Dinner in LA

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Gwyneth Paltrow attended an $80 prix fixe menu event at L.A. eatery Animal. I guess that means our Lady of Goopeloupe’s commitment to the Food Bank for New York Challenge was only symbolic?


Late last week, Paltrow tweeted that, at the nudging of Mario Batali, she was attempting to live on a meager food budget of $29 a week to raise awareness about spending cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

I would say that Gwyneth—though typically clueless—had her heart in the right place here, but that becomes harder to argue when, less than a week later, she goes out for dinner at a restaurant that no one on SNAP could ever afford.

E! Online reports:

A source tells us Paltrow was there for the Austin Midnight Dinner, a promotional event for pal Jon Favreau’s film Chef. “It was a prefixed menu, and the tickets were $80,” the insider tells E! News. “Some of the items on the menu was various types of barbeque, potato salad and beans.”

[ E! Online]

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“A source close to” Sofia Vergara is denying that she ever punched ex fiance Nick Loeb, claiming she “never got physical with Nick, it just didn’t happen. Did they fight? Yes, and a lot, which is why they broke up.” Loeb is currently suing Vergara to keep her from disposing of two embryos they created through IVF while still together and “Sofia wants the embryos destroyed, and is also ready to fight for her rights in court.” [Radar]

(Btw, are you a lawyer who has familiarity with bioethics and custody? If so, shoot me an email at


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Rihanna treats Drake like I treat my one neighbor who always has coke but constantly complains about his ex gf.

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