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For some, Coachella is about flower crowns , Steely Dads and the possibility of bumping into Nev Schulman at Alexa Chung’s pool party. For others (namely Justin Bieber), it’s about being denied entry into the Drake show, arguing with security and being lead from festival grounds in a chokehold.


Bieber and his entourage were trying to gain access to the artist’s entrance during Drake’s concert on Sunday night, but were told by security that the area was at capacity. The group that they had the proper wristbands for entry and claimed that Drake had personally invited Bieber to watch from the private area. TMZ reports that,

At that point a Coachella staffer came up to Bieber and said she would escort him inside the artist’s area. She grabbed Bieber by the arm and began walking him and his security team inside, when Coachella security came up from behind and put Bieber in a chokehold.


Video footage shows an annoyed but unagitated Bieber being escorted from the area by security (the alleged chokehold does not happen on camera). According to TMZ, he’s considering legal action against the security guards. #festivallife


Silver lining for Justin: He may have been escorted out of Coachella in a (seemingly unnecessarily) violent way, but at least he was fortunate enough to miss Madonna’s attempt to suck the relevance out of Drake and Drake’s subsequent horror about the whole ordeal. Don’t read too much into his grimace, though: Champagne Papi swears he was happy with smooch.

“Don’t misinterpret my shock!! I got to make out with the queen Madonna and I feel 100 about that forever. Thank you @madonna,” he wrote on Instagram. If you say so, Drake. If you say so. [Instagram]


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Calvin Harris has banned new girlfriend Taylor Swift from writing songs about him, according to OK! Magazine. “It was the white elephant in the room, but it’s been on his mind, so he confronted her about it last week, telling her he doesn’t want her to do that to him,” an insider told the tabloid. Harris also “reportedly told Tay that he thinks she ‘demeans herself’ as a singer by writing such whiny lyrics.”

Not that there’s any truth to this story, but IF THERE WAS, I’d say that Swift should dump Harris, write the most scathing break up song of all time, and call it “DEMEAN THIS.” (Song title is accompanied by jerk-off motion.) [OK!]


  • Speaking of Taylor and Calvin, Ed Sheeran is definitely not the “insider” OK! taked to and he definitely approves of their relationship. Definitely! He’s happy for them! Stop asking! [People]
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  • To clear up any confusion, Tina Knowles did not marry the beloved former Gawker writer, but she did marry the father of Bianca Lawson, whom you may know from Buffy, Pretty Little Liars and a million other things. [Bossip]
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  • If she hasn’t made it clear yet, Cate Blanchett wants you to know that she really hates talking about fashion on the red carpet: “Next it will be, ‘What brand tampon are you wearing?” [Too Fab]
  • Orange Is the New Black’s Matt McGorry is commenting on the wage gap. [Instagram]
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