Good Girls Revolt Creator Confirms the Show Is Dead

Image via Amazon Studios.
Image via Amazon Studios.

The creative team behind Good Girls Revolt, which chronicled the the story of three young women (including Nora Ephron) working at a Newsweek-like magazine in 1969, started a revolution when Amazon canceled the show late last year, and pitched the second season to several other networks. Unfortunately, creator Dana Calvo announced Wednesday that their efforts had failed. Good Girls Revolt is officially dead, the revolution is over.


Deadline reports that despite “some networks” showing interest after Amazon bailed, no one was interested enough to save it. In an understandably bleak Instagram post containing the photo of an empty set, Calvo wrote:

Good Girls Revolt won’t be airing on another network. We made what felt like a 10-hour play, and I will miss the world and the characters that our cast brought to life. Mostly, I will miss hearing from all of you who said it had an impact. Sending love and thanks today for the privilege of being able to tell stories that bring us closer and make us stronger. #goodgirlsrevolt


The revolution was televised. Until it wasn’t.

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chekov's dildo

damn. i was really hoping this would get picked up by another network.

it wasn’t perfect but it told a great story and, imo, the issues it had (some weird script things, occasional cheesiness) could’ve easily dropped away once the writers really got into the show (like the office or parks & rec in their first seasons vs. the rest of those shows).

i’m not knowledgeable enough about how shows get the ax beyond ratings and critical weight so i won’t speculate. i’ll just say that whether the show never found a wide enough audience or amazon’s execs are terrible at managing their original content or it was old fashioned sexism, it’s a bummer to see the show go.

but! if you’re mad about this being canceled, read the book. even if you’re not mad about this being canceled: read the book.